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CTC Form 41-NC Request to Change Name or Personal Profile


Due to legal considerations, it has been necessary to revise Form 41-NC Request to Change Name or Personal Profile. A new version of this form has now been posted on the Commission’s website.

Changes with this version of the form include the requirement that certain items submitted to complete a name change must be original items, not photocopies. If submitting a Marriage Certificate or a Decree of Changing Name, these items must be submitted with a certified copy, not a photocopy. These changes are indicated on Form 41-NC.

 In additionthe Commission will no longer be able to accept faxed copies of Form 41-NC, due to what is legally required for authority to make these types of requested changes. The form must be mailed to the Commission along with all the required documentation for the type of change being requested attached. Mailing directions are provided by the signature block on page 2 of the form. Name change forms are always given priority processing so no undue delays should result from this change.

 Please begin using the new version of 41-NC immediately and discard any of the previous forms you may have saved. Thank you for your cooperation.


CTC Create ID and Password:

VCOE has created an ‘instructional guide’ page to assist employees creating their first User ID and Password for the Commission website.  This is required to view the employees credential information and personal information at the Commission.  They can no longer go in and get to any of their credential information to update personal info or view the status of their credentials or applications without having a user name and password.


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