James A. Merrill, Board President

Mr. James A. Merrill, Board President, has been a member of the Ocean View School District (OVSD) Governing Board since November 2000. As a Board member, Mr. Merrill has attended various trainings and conferences sponsored by the California School Boards Association (CSBA), and has completed the Masters in Governance program. Prior to his service as a Board member, he served in a variety of offices in the Tierra Vista Neighborhood Council, including three years as chair before joining the OVSD Board. As a Neighborhood Council chair, Mr. Merrill was very active in the City of Oxnard’s Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum. He dedicated a leave of absence from his employment at Oxnard College to chair the Ocean View School District’s successful “Measure N” bond campaign in 1997. In May, 2017, Mr. Merrill retired as professor of English and English as a Second Language at Oxnard College, where he taught since 1980. He was also the longtime Chair of the college’s Letters Department.
A resident of Oxnard since 1980 and of the Ocean View School District since 1986, Mr. Merrill appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the community in which he lives and where his children attended school. (Term 12/10/2020 - 12/13/2024)


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The Ocean View School District Governing Board meets the second Tuesday of each month, except for the months of April and July. Special Board meetings can be held on the fourth Tuesday, if necessary. The meetings are held at 4200 Olds Road, Oxnard, California in the District Office Board Room. The meetings start at 6:00 p.m. Board packets are available on the Ocean View School District's website under Governing Board - www.oceanviewsd.org.
Ocean View School District ensures that all students achieve academic success and are prepared to live and learn in a rapidly changing world by providing rigorous and relevant learning experiences and empowering families and staff to work together.
Quality Education for Student Success

The Ocean View School District Governing Board, in conjunction with community representatives, parent leaders, faculty, and staff, developed core values listed below to help guide policy development and decision-making throughout the District.


• We believe that each student can learn, will achieve academic success and become a life-long learner.

• We believe in providing educational equity through engaging, rigorous, and relevant Common Core State Standards instruction that meets the unique social, emotional, and linguistic needs of each student.

Culture and Environment

• We believe in promoting and preserving our district-wide family atmosphere of caring and trust among students, families and staff because it is a key aspect of our success.

• We embrace and honor the diversity of backgrounds and assets our students, families and staff bring to the district, and how each is important and contributes to the life-long success of our students.

• We believe in the importance of working together toward common goals, with a sense of teamwork and mutual respect.

• We believe in providing school facilities that are safe, environmentally sustainable and that aesthetically support and promote student learning by using eco-friendly materials and practices throughout the district, and educating students to live an ecologically responsible life as stewards of natural resources.  

• We believe in developing the health and wellness of students, families, and staff.

Parents and Community

• We believe in student, family and community involvement by empowering all to be partners in our schools.


Opportunities for every child

Challenging curriculum

Exceptional, caring staff

Academic excellence

Nurturing learning environment

Valuing diversity

Inspiring life-long learning

Embracing families and community

Where children come first