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Tax Sheltered Annuities 403(b)

OVSD also offers an optional deferred program for employees which meets the requirements of section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Service code. Under this plan, employees can set aside certain amounts of money each pay period. The employee does not pay income tax on this amount until it is withdrawn. Interest earned on these funds is also not taxed until withdrawal. Certain withdrawal restrictions apply. Generally, these funds may not be withdrawn until the employee attains age 59 1/2.

For CalPERS Members


CalPERS Information

The California Public Employees' Retirement System provides individual counseling services and workshops for their members through the CalPERS regional offices. To speak to a CalPERS representative, call toll free (888) CalPERS (225-7377). Estimates of retirement benefits and general information may also be obtained through the CalPERS web site

Contact CalPERS

California Public Employees' Retirement System
P.O. Box 15275
Sacramento, CA 95851-0275
(888) CalPERS (225-7377)

CalPERS Glendale Regional Office
655 North Central
Glendale, CA 91203
(888) 225-7377

For CalSTRS Members

CalSTRS Forms

The CalSTRS website allows you to download and print current CalSTRS forms and publication.  Forms highlighted with red text can be filled out online before you print them.

CalSTRS Counseling Appointments

A limited number of individual counseling appointments are available to all certificated school employees.  These counseling services provide information about the retirement benefits, disability benefits, and survivor benefits available through CalSTRS.  To schedule an appointment, please contact Janet Kateley at

(805) 383-1993.

CalSTRS Telephone Counseling

CalSTRS now offers telephone appointments with counselors at their headquarters in Sacramento.  These appointments are available during regular business hours, as well as evenings and Saturdays.  If you would like to schedule a telephone appointment, please call CalSTRS at (800) 228-5453.

Contact CalSTRS

California State Teachers Retirement System

P.O. Box 15275
Sacramento, CA 95851-0275
(800) 228-5453