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Welcome to our Measure J6 / Measure P Site - "Building for Student Success"


Bond proceeds will be expended to modernize, replace, renovate, construct, equip, furnish and otherwise improve the facilities of the District located at the following locations:


Laguna Vista Elementary School - built in 1962

Mar Vista Elementary School - built in 1951

Ocean View Jr. High School - built in 1971

Tierra Vista Elementary School - built in 1965


Such projects shall include, but shall not be limited to:

  • Make health and safety improvement to the drinking water and plumbing systems at Laguna Vista Elementary School.
  • Provide additional computers and upgrade electrical and technological systems throughout the District to improve student access to computers and modern technology.
  • Construct new permanent classrooms and restroom facilities at Ocean View Junior High to replace portable, relocatable buildings including conducting necessary site preparation/restoration in connection with new construction.
  • Provide Tierra Vista and Mar Vista Elementary Schools with additional classrooms to accommodate more students including conducting necessary site preparation/restoration in connection with installation or removal of relocatable classrooms.
  • Make safety and utility upgrades throughout the District including fire alarm, communication, data, and security systems.
  • Make improvements to comply with handicapped accessibility requirements (American with Disabilities Act) and other code compliance issues throughout the District.
  • Replace and upgrade heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with energy efficient systems throughout the District.
  • Repair and replace outdated and leaky roofs throughout the District.
  • Rubberize play surface areas throughout the District to increase student safety.
  • Enhance and improve athletic playing fields at Ocean View Junior High.
  • Address unforeseen conditions revealed by construction/modernization (e.g., plumbing or gas line breaks, dry rot, seismic, structural, etc.).
  • Furnish and equip schools as needed to the extent permitted by law.


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