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over 2 years ago

The Gifted and Talented Education Program in Ocean View School District offers four different formats, depending on each school and the needs of those students. Although the programs are different, they all are based on state approved standards for GATE in California.
  • Students are identified and placed in the program based on multiple criteria, and site committee review in accordance with guidlines set forth by the state. 
  • Curriculum for GATE students is differentiated in many ways to accomodate our varied population.  GATE is not just enrichment, it is educational opportunities given to students who are advanced well beyond their peers, and seeks to enhance learning on core standards of the state while challenging these students to pursue their interests and use their talents to the fullest.

Please find, on this website and those of the individual schools which are linked below, information that will help you understand why and how education for gifted students is vital to their learning, and how we in Ocean View School District seek to understand these students  and assist with their learning as we touch their minds each day.

El programa de educación para estudiantes sobresalientes (GATE) en el Distrito Escolar Ocean View ofrece cuatro formatos diferentes, lo cual depende de la escuela y las necesidades de sus estudiantes. Aunque los programas son diferentes, todos están basados en los estándares aprobados para GATE por el estado de California.

  • Los estudiantes son identificados y colocados en el programa basado en múltiples normas, y el análisis del comité escolar, según las guías establecidas por el estado.

  • El plan de estudios para los estudiantes GATE es diferenciado de muchas maneras para adaptarlo a nuestra diversa población. GATE no es solo enriquecimiento, son oportunidades dadas a estudiantes que están más avanzados que sus compañeros y busca mejorar el aprendizaje de los estándares del estado mientras que estimula a los estudiantes a seguir sus intereses y a usar sus talentos al máximo.

En esta página web y en las de cada escuela encontrará información que le ayudará a comprender porque y como la educación para estudiantes sobresalientes es vital para su aprendizaje, y como nosotros en el Distrito Escolar Ocean View buscamos la manera de comprender a estos estudiantes y ayudarlos con su aprendizaje, ya que tocamos sus mentes a diario.

GATE Student Identification

over 2 years ago

Ocean View Identifies GATE Students Using Multi-Criteria.

Students are recommended  for the GATE Program by teachers, parents, themselves, or test score review.

Four Steps to identification:

Step 1. Pre-screen - Teacher evaluation and nomination based on a characteristic checklist.

Step 2. Evidence Collection - Teacher collection of Achievement Test Scores and work products.

Step 3. Testing - The Ravens is given to students with the basic qualifying score, based on the checklist and evidence collected.

Step 4.  Final Evaluation - The Site GATE Evaluation Committee reviews all evidence and scores and makes final eligibility determination.

Students  entering Ocean View  who were previously identified are eligible pending Identification Verification by previous district.

Parents are sent the results and placement is made if the student qualifies for the Program.

If you have questions about your particular child or this process, please consult with your child's teacher.